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  Rot resistant  

  Usable in walls or concrete  
  Replaces reinforcement fabric  
  Very easy processing even for the novice  
  Length per unit:10m or 50m  
  Thickness: 0,5mm  
  Mesh size:ca. 5mm  
  Colour: black  
  Weight: approx. 200g/m2  
  Mesh material: Stainless steel  
  Quality assurance: TUV CERT according to ISO 9001  
  Screening efficiency static fields: 99,5% to 99,95% (only WITH grounding!)  
  Screening efficiency low-frequency, electric fields::99,5% to 99,95% (only WITH grounding!)  
  Screening efficiency radio frequency fields: 90% to 99% (even WITHOUT grounding!)  
Measurements prove the good screening performance: Damping of high-frequency radiation in the frequency range particularly affected by pulsed signals, for example by cell towers, is 90% to 99%. Also, static and low-frequency electric fields like those generated by any cables or appliances in homes, or high-voltage power lines, are being damped by up to 99,9%.


  The various currently available screening systems all are vastly different in their screening- and cost efficiency. Most are far too complicated in handling particularly for the novice, but also for the professional user. Furthermore, they are often also far too expensive. Additionally, mostly TWO seperate screening products are necessary as screenings against RF (high/radio frequency) are often not efficient against EMF and vice-versa.
In turn, Aaronia offers a very cost-effective and easy to use screening: The Aaronia Screening-tissue A2000+. The Aaronia Screening-tissue A2000+ offers protection against RF AND EMF E-field radiation at the same time. This exceptional performance is based on a concept using interwoven fibres made of stainless steel, and a special conductive coating. The tissue is easy to handle and to lay. It can be folded without risk of damage, is sturdy, frost proof, rot proof, breathable and can even be used inside walls or concrete. As such it is also suitable for outdoor use and then replaces the normal reinforcement fabric, thus saving a lot of cost.
The Aaronia screening tissue A2000+ can be used to screen local radiation sources like cables or distribution boxes as well as for protecting entire rooms or buildings. Laying is performed in lanes which need to overlap 15cm to form a closed surface. It is noteworthy that this tissue does NOT need to be grounded for achieving RF (high-frequency) protection! Though we generally recommend grounding using our grounding package, as low-frequency E-fields from power cables, high-voltage lines, etc. will also be screened using this method.
  To protect a room (such as a bedroom) against high frequency (RF) radiation, the complete room needs to be entirely covered with the tissue. In contrast, if a low-frequency E-Field radiation source (such as the power distribution box in your home or in-wall cables) is to be screened, only a small area around the radiation source needs to be covered. Attention: For protection against low frequency EMF, the tissue also needs to be grounded! For this, you should definitely use the Aaronia grounding package. For covering floors, the tissue can be laid invisible under carpets, or in the floor pavement. The tissue can be attached to walls like wallpaper using a special glue. If the walls are made from plasterboard, wood, or similar, the tissue can simply be "stapled" to the wall. Likewise, it can also be attached to ceilings. On the other hand, doors and their frames should be covered using Aaronia X-Dream screening fleece. That way, a nearly perfect connection with the rest of the tissue is formed when the door is closed. For screening windows, you should use our screening fabric Aaronia-Shield, which can be installed elegantly like an invisible "fly screen". After installation, the tissue can be painted, covered with wallpaper or plaster and thus becomes invisible. Our installation manual even allows the novice to create a screened room without much hassle.
  Houses and other buildings should always be shielded externally when constructed.
To do this, the tissue can be used as a replacement for the reinforcement fabric.
In roofs, the tissue should be installed directly beneith the vapor barrier.
For floors, the tissue should be installed in the floor pavement.
Always remember that for the best possible RF screening, a completely closed surface needs to be built! So always leave a bit of overlapping tissue when installing in walls, floors and roofs for being able to tightly connect the lanes later!

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